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Jigsaw Costume is a popular character costume inspired by John Kramer, the fictional character in the Saw movie franchise. The Jigsaw Costume is often worn by fans as a Halloween costume or cosplay. The Jigsaw Costume has become a popular choice for those who enjoy the horror genre and want to dress up as a memorable character from a popular movie franchise. Our Jigsaw Costume is perfect for Halloween or any occasion.

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Jigsaw Costume is a great costume for carnival, cosplay, and more. In addition, it is also a must-have costume for Halloween. The color of the product pattern may vary slightly due to differences in computer screen settings, and the actual product color shall prevail. Beautifully crafted, Jigsaw Costume is perfect for festive celebrations and will set the mood!



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1. High-quality materials: A good seller should use high-quality materials to create their costumes, which will ensure that the costume looks good and lasts for multiple uses.
2. Accurate design and details: Buying from a seller who creates accurate Jigsaw costumes with all the small details included brings a realistic and authentic look to your costume.
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FAQs of Jigsaw Costumes Store

What is Jigsaw Costumes?

The Jigsaw Costume is a popular Halloween costume or cosplay based on the fictional character John Kramer from the Saw movie franchise, also known as the Jigsaw Killer. The Jigsaw Costume usually consists of a black suit, a red bow tie, a white shirt, and a pig mask. The pig mask has become a particularly iconic aspect of the costume, as it is a mask molded to resemble a pig's head with black eyes and white nostrils. The Jigsaw Costume has been a popular choice for fans of horror movies and the Saw franchise, as well as for individuals looking for a scary and memorable Halloween costume.


Can you provide me with a description of the Jigsaw Costumes products you offer?

We have a range of Jigsaw Costumes products available, such as the following options.

Jigsaw Costume

Jigsaw Costume Female

Jigsaw Halloween Costume

Diy Jigsaw Costume


Where Can I Buy Jigsaw Costumes?

With a huge variety of high-quality costumes at affordable prices, the Jigsaw Costumes Store is where you can find the perfect costume for your next cosplay, Halloween party, or costume event! We offer a wide range of high-quality clothing in different styles and sizes to suit all body types. Made of high-quality materials, our garments are soft and skin-friendly, designed to meet the needs of every consumer.


How to make Jigsaw Costumes?

Making a Jigsaw Costume can be a fun DIY project if you are feeling creative and want to save money. Here are general steps to make a Jigsaw Costume:


- Black suit

- Red bow tie

- White dress shirt

- Black leather shoes

- White chalk or face paint

- A pig mask (either purchased from a costume store or homemade).


  1. Start with the black suit. It's easy to find cheap black suits at thrift stores or online retailers.
  2. Once you have the suit, add a white dress shirt and a red bow tie. This should complete the basic outfit.
  3. Cover parts of the pig mask with white chalk or face paint, creating the illusion of a dirty or worn-out mask.
  4. After the mask is complete, add a pair of black shoes to complete the outfit.


Can you give me information on how to contact Jigsaw Costumes online store?

Have any questions, just email us anytime at [email protected].